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Please visit my website for links to reviews, awards, extras and downloadable art work for each book.

Click on the cover or the title for blurb, excerpt, reviews and purchase information.

Sentries Series

Marked Yours

Book 1: Marked Yours

Together Bound

Book 2: Together Bound

Chained Hearts

Book 3: Chained Hearts

Collared Souls

Book 4: Collared Souls

Tethered Pair

Book 5: Tethered Pair















The Sleepless City series

This series is written with Anne Barwell and is available from Dreamspinner Press

Electric Candle

Book 2: Electric Candle

Shifting Chaos

Book 2: Shifting Chaos









Run for the Roses

Book 1: Run for the Roses

A Barlow Lens

Book 2: A Barlow Lens

Jewel Cave

Book 3: Jewel Cave








Stand Alone Books



For The Long Run

For The Long Run



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