Ben Leyton

Ben Leyton was born in Wellington, New Zealand on 13th June 1987. Leaving school he worked in a café for a couple of years before starting university. He graduated from Victoria University in Wellington with a BA in art history and English literature in 2011.

His parents and three younger siblings—a brother and two sisters—still live in Wellington. Ben’s grandfather, to whom he is close, visited Flint in 1951, and suggested Ben visit there as part of his OE (overseas experience). Ben stays in close touch with his friend, Ange Duncan, who still lives in the flat they once shared. Although he is currently working at Miller’s Café in Flint, Ben hopes to one day follow his dreams and pursue his passion as a photographer. Ben is also a huge SF and comics geek, and played darts at his local pub in NZ.

He met Simon Hawthorne about six weeks after arriving in Flint, and was thrown into a world of vampires, werewolves, ghosts and other supernaturals that he didn’t know existed. After soul bonding with Simon, Ben decided to make Flint his home and moved into Boggs’s Castle with Simon.


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