Blair Turner

Blair was born September 27, 1984 and is from Roswell, New Mexico. He lived there with his father who investigated cybercrimes for the FBI by day and unbeknownst to Blair he consulted for a clandestine group of men on the other side of the country digging up information on supernatural threats. Blair excelled with coding and computers from a young age and for a while walked a fine line between legal and illegal activities until his father caught him. He decided he wanted to follow his father’s footsteps and fight cybercrime so pursued an education that allowed him to further his goals.

When his father, Robert, dies unexpectedly Blair is devastated. The night after his father’s funeral Blair goes to a bar and meets a man. One drink too many and Blair, who is hurt and lonely, hooks up with the stranger. Blair finds himself forced into a situation he can’t get out of when the stranger coerces Blair into taking him home. The next morning Blair wakes up, his life changed forever.

There is a vial of blood and a note on how to obtain more left for Blair, the man is nowhere to be seen. He knows something has happened to him and finally works out he’s been changed into a vampire. Not knowing anything about what he’s become Blair turns to popular literature. Researching how to be a vampire isn’t easy and his only source of information is graphic novels, movies and novels, none of which are entirely accurate. However, Blair doesn’t know that and takes all the myth and pop lore as gospel.

Always quiet and an introvert, Blair isolates himself from the world thinking he’s become a soulless, evil monster. Taking the screen name Alucard, Blair continues the supernatural research work of his father. It’s not until Simon’s soul mate, Ben moves to Boggs’s Castle and strikes up a firm friendship with Blair that Blair is prompted to leave New Mexico for Flint, Ohio.

He’d known Jonas Forge only as a voice over the internet. He’s got no clue Simon and Forge are vampires as well and that Lucas is a werewolf. Ever since Blair and Ben began trading graphic novels via mail Blair has developed a bit of a schoolboy crush on Forge. Fearing Forge’s life, and the lives of his other friends, is in jeopardy Blair makes the trip to Flint.

Blair’s as surprised as Forge when they each discover the other is a vampire. Blair gets an instant indoctrination into the real world where vampires, werewolves and humans coexist, sometimes they even get along. However Forge isn’t just any vampire, he’s Blair’s soul mate whether they like it or not.

Eventually Blair comes to discover he and Forge are destined to soul bond because they complement each other so well. Both were changed and left, though for entirely different reasons. Where Blair is quiet and introverted, Forge is gregarious and extroverted. Blair has never felt as if he’s fit in anywhere and has few friends while Forge gets along with everyone and is comfortable in all sorts of situations. In the course of their bonding they develop an uncanny ability to sense the other’s emotions that only strengthens as time goes on.

The rocky start Blair has with Forge, and the others, eventually evens out and cements. He’s found his place in the family they’ve all created.


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