Declan was born into French aristocracy on February 24, 1721 with a very long and pretentious name. At age fourteen his father arranged a marriage for Declan with the daughter of another prominent family. Unable to defy his father and having no interest in marriage to any girl, Declan fled France on a ship bound for the New World. It was two years before he landed in North America. In that time he saw his first vampire, learned to use a blade in self-defense and that he’d sometimes have to make tough choices in order to survive. The skinny boy of fourteen who left France became a resourceful and, when necessary, brutally ruthless man by the time he left the ship two years later.

After being taken in by the native people that first winter in North America Declan met and eventually fell in love with a man named Kitchi. While living with the Algonquin Indians Declan learned to accept he was homosexual. To the Algonquin vampires and homosexuals were another part of the natural world. Kitchi eventually changed Declan from a human to a vampire. It was during this time he adopted the name Declan, which was the name of an Irish saint. When Kitchi was killed years later Declan left his tribal home to explore the countryside eventually meeting with Jonas Forge.

Jonas was living alone, other than his dog, in the wilderness. Declan realized Jonas didn’t know much about what he’d become, only that he’d been changed somehow. Declan taught him to read and write and ultimately was able to arrange for him to attend William and Mary college in the mid-eighteen hundreds. After Jonas graduated they traveled North, Central and South America honing skills that led them into work as spies, military police and con artists and in Declan’s case an accomplished thief.

Eventually they landed in a small settlement on the southern shores of Lake Erie in the new state of Ohio in the United States. That settlement grew and later became the town of Flint, Ohio it remained their home base for more than a century. They purchased Boggs’s Castle with Simon Hawthorne in the 1940s at Simon’s insistence.

Declan and Jonas traveled for a short time to Europe during World War 1 and World War 2. It was the first time Declan returned to Europe since leaving France as a boy. However, Declan didn’t travel to Europe regularly until the advent of commercial airline trans-Atlantic flights becoming less a luxury of the superrich and more affordable and popular in the United States in the 1950s.

Even when in Europe for extended periods of time, Declan made regular trips back to his home in Flint. Every ten or fifteen years Jonas would join Declan, assisting him with whatever long con Declan was working on. His most recent trip abroad kept Declan away for a decade, other than short trips to meet up with Jonas for a few days. Even though Jonas bonded with a soul mate, Declan returned to Flint when evidence of demonic activity came to light. He, Jonas and Simon had become family decades ago and Declan expected their relationships to fluctuate over the years. It was the nature of vampires to endure change over long periods of time and this was no different. Declan and Jonas would never be lovers again, but that didn’t matter, they’d always have a deep love and friendship. Knowing his family was safe became Declan’s main concern.


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