Jonas Forge

Jonas Forge was born in a small settlement on the edge of the West Virginia wilderness near what later became known as Point Pleasant in the early summer of 1743.

He had no education but as a young man he joined the militia and was able to save enough money to purchase a French model 1717 rifle, which he has to this day. Considering his later relationship with Declan it’s is almost prophetic he chose this weapon.

His best friend, Emmaline, was raped and that resulted in her becoming pregnant. At that time rape was often blamed on the woman so Jonas did what he thought was the right thing. He married her, even though he never was attracted to women. No one other than Jonas and Emmaline knew that the child she bore wasn’t his. The little girl was named Johanna.

The American Revolution was broaching the horizon and Jonas joined the fight. He was mortally wounded during the Battle of Point Pleasant in 1774 at the age of 31. His comfort as he lay dying was Emmaline and Johanna would be the widow and child of a war hero, not ostracized for being an unwed mother and bastard child.

Jonas didn’t die. He woke up in a mass grave surrounded by dead bodies. Not understanding why or how he was frightened beyond rational thought. Jonas felt an uncontrollable thirst for blood and without thinking he drank blood from one of the bodies. The blood of a dead human is poison to a vampire and made him desperately sick. Jonas recovered and ran off, living off the land in the wilderness for nearly half a century and never touched human blood again.

In the early 1800s Declan found Jonas and coaxed him back to civilization. He taught Jonas about what he’d become: a vampire. Friendship made a quick leap to lovers. It was a struggle, since Jonas had been living alone, other than the dogs he had, for many years, but together they managed. To Jonas Declan became Babiche, an Algonquin word that loosely translated to cord or thread. For Jonas Declan had been a lifeline. Declan often referred to Jonas as ma moitié—my half.

Declan taught Jonas to read and write then arranged for him to attend William and Mary College. Jonas had aspirations of studying drama. He soon gave that up for law. Thanks to Declan’s influence Jonas learned the languages of French and Algonquin as well.

When Jonas began his studies people naturally asked his name. He didn’t like the man he’d been before and other than Declan he didn’t want people calling him Jonas. Like the man who’d become his lover and mentor Jonas decided to use another name to go with the new person he was becoming. That’s when he adopted the use of his last name, Forge, into what he was called. Though many people know his first name, only Declan uses it.

Both Forge and Declan are convinced they’ve lived as long as they have and remained sane because of their relationship with each other.

They traveled the Americas, working as mercenary soldiers and spies. They arrived in the small settlement of Flint, Ohio after the American Civil War. Flint would eventually become their home and during that time they first encountered the Coate pack.

When war broke out in Europe at the beginning of the 20th century Forge went with Declan to do their duty however they could. It was then Forge briefly met Simon Hawthorne and helped Simon through becoming a vampire. They returned during the Second World War, working for the Resistance with Simon. They also aided in moving intelligence information from Nazi Germany to the Allies.

The three of them eventually purchased Boggs’s Castle in Flint. Forge became a detective with Flint’s police force using skills he owed to Declan’s tutelage in tracking. Always feeling it was his duty to keep others safe, Forge concentrated on his little corner of the world.

After living nearly 240 years, and most of that time as a vampire, Forge met his soul mate, Blair Turner. All their lives Declan stress how important it was for vampires to move with the times and accept change. Forge learned a valuable lesson: things could change but the people he loved and who loved him were forever.


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