Lucas Coate

Lucas Coate was born in Flint, Ohio, on 10th October, 1981. He is the eldest son of Jacob Coate, the leader of the local Coate pack, and descended from an old and powerful werewolf family. Jacob is also the leader of Flint’s Supernatural Council. Lucas’s uncle, Jasper, who also sits on the council, owns the Old Curio Shoppe, which is the front for the council meeting chambers. Lucas’s sister, Anita, is a neurologist. They have many half-siblings but their mother is Jacob’s favourite and his wife.

Lucas is Flint’s coroner. He met Forge and Simon ten years previously, shortly after Lucas finished medical school, when an injured Simon stumbled out in front of Lucas’s car and he hit him. After helping patch Simon up, Lucas helped him and Forge with the case they were working, and then others they called him in on after that.

Already not seeing eye-to-eye with his father and not prepared to follow in Jacob’s footsteps and take his place as pack alpha and his position on the council when the time came, Lucas’s friendship with vampires was the last straw. After one final argument, Lucas’s father threw him out, and Lucas moved into Boggs’s castle with Forge and Simon.

Lucas’s wolf form is a huge gray wolf.


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