Simon Hawthorne

Simon Hawthorne was born in Gloucestershire in Great Britain on 3rd April 1894. He was turned by vampire John Wells, in France on July 1916, after the first Battle of the Somme, at the age of 22. According to his ID he is in his early 30s, and often gets carded because of his youthful appearance.

Originally from a British upper class family, Simon’s older brother, Andrew, was being groomed to take over as head of the family, but he and his wife died on the Titanic. This left Simon with a future he never wanted. He bought a commission in the army and enlisted when war broke out in 1914, in part to get away and figure out how to work up the courage to tell his father. The decision is taken out of his hands when he is turned by John Wells, becomes a vampire, and his family believe him dead.

During the war he met and fell in love with an enlisted British soldier, Stephen Vaughan, who was killed by John Wells shortly before Simon was turned. Simon managed to escape from his maker, and was helped by Forge who educates him about vampires and how to live with what he’s become. He met Declan around the same time through Forge.

Simon returned to Britain, and tried to contact his family, but it went badly. The one person he hoped might accept what he has become, his beloved Uncle Edwin, had died during the influenza epidemic. Simon buried himself in his studies and earned his PhD in history at Cambridge in the 1920s.

After WW1 Simon only met with Forge and Declan a few times, until WWII brought them together again. The three of them worked together with the Resistance to get humans and supernaturals out of occupied Europe, providing a safe haven, passage, and false IDs. Declan encouraged him to pursue a relationship with human Albert Schuster whom Simon had fallen in love with in Germany. Albert’s death in 1945 at the hands of John, who was by then convinced Simon was his soul mate, and the atrocities Simon witnessed during the war, sent him over the edge. He drank human blood, trying to drown the memories, and went on a killing spree. He refused to have anything to do with John, who behaved possessively and tried to force Simon into a relationship with him. Declan and another vampire—Cynthia—helped Simon to control his addiction and he hasn’t fed on human blood since.

In the late 1940s, Simon received a letter from Declan telling him about Flint, where he and Forge were now living. Simon went to Flint to visit them, and decided to stay. He, Forge and Declan bought Boggs’ Castle between them and Simon has lived there ever since.

Simon works as a professor at Flint University teaching 20th century history. The baby grand piano in his apartment was originally his Uncle Edwin’s— Simon bought it after his niece died in 1965, and the family’s estate was sold, and had it shipped to Flint. A pianist with a love for classical music and jazz, Simon often uses music to work through whatever is troubling him. Despite seeing many technological advances in his lifetime, he has never embraced technology and still acts in many ways the Edwardian gentleman he was raised to be. He drives a 2000 Aston Martin V8 Vantage coupe, similar to the car James Bond drives. He met Ian Fleming briefly during WWII.

Simon met his human soul mate, Ben Leyton, in 2013, and they soul bonded a few weeks later.


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